Hope Starts Here

The Casey’s Law website was created for families like yours with loved ones who, with the help of an intervention tool, can have the opportunity to recover from and survive the disease of drug and/or alcohol addiction. We aim to empower and educate you on Casey’s Law so you are armed with the resources needed to get court ordered, involuntary treatment (potentially at no cost) for your loved one's disease of drug and/or alcohol addiction. 

We hope that this option will provide empowerment for your family and unite it for the life of someone you love.

Why haven't I heard of the law? 

As with any new law, the task of educating an entire state of its existence is daunting. Not only do people need to know that such a law is available but also how to make it work for them. Our hope is that with the aid of this site you will have the tools necessary to make use of Casey’s Law to help your loved one recover. 

What do I do first?

The resources included on this website will provide direct access to the information you need to get the process started and follow it through to completion. If you have any questions that have not been answered, please feel free to contact us directly here

Casey's Law: A Guide for Families