Casey's Law KY

The Steps Toward Help and Hope

Contact your county attorney 

A full list of Kentucky county attorneys and circuit clerks can be found here

Please note if you are in Jefferson County the filing process is slightly different.  You can find more information and resources on how to file in Jefferson County here

Schedule appointments for evaluations

Schedule with 2 qualified health professionals, one of whom must be a physician.

File petition 700A

Petition is filed with the circuit court clerk in the county of the person with the substance use disorder (respondent) by the spouse, relative, friend or guardian (petitioner). The court reviews the petition and, if there is probable cause, orders that two evaluations be conducted. Court date is set within 14 days.

You can download the Petition for Involuntary Treatment – 700A here
You can download the Evaluation – 703A here

Return evaluations

Evaluations must be returned at least 24 hours prior to the court date.

Locate detox & treatment facility

Immediately after court date is set locate a detox & treatment facility. Petitioner bears the responsibility and right to choose the facility. 

Treatment is ordered

Treatment is ordered based on the evaluations and can be ordered from up to 60 and not more than 360 days, depending on the request of the petitioner and the results of the hearing.

Casey's Law Instruction Manual

You can download the Casey's Law Instruction Manual here
You can also find more resources on our Resources page here
Download the 10 Steps to File Casey's Law here