Resources for Casey's Law in Jefferson County

Where do I file?

Please note, Jefferson County has a slightly different process for filing a Casey's Law petition. Before filing a petition, you must contact the Jefferson County Casey's Law Advocate BEFORE filing a Casey’s Law Petition. 

Contact Kathy Deutsch: 502-574-6188

If you need further assistance in filing a Casey Law petition, the County Attorney website has more resources and can be found here: Jefferson County: Casey's Law

Advocacy Contact

The Gabriel Project 930 provides Family Resource Coaching and guidance to help you navigate the Casey’s Law filing process in Jefferson County. Also offered is support throughout the filing, help identifying qualified healthcare providers for the two assessments, and help in  navigating treatment options.

It’s founder, Arlene Rice, serves as the Casey’s Law Advocate for the Casey’s Law Foundation in the Louisville area.
Contact: 502-625-6163

Important Forms

Written Law 

A copy of the written law can be found here, Casey's Law is 222.430 - 222.437
KRS Chapter 222 of Kentucky Legislature

Need Help Getting a Respondent's Address? 

You will need an address in order to file. If the respondent is homeless, or you don't have an exact address for them but do know different places the respondent may be staying, you can contact a private bailiff who will help you find the respondent to serve them papers. 

Eddie Lawrence
Special Bailiff Casey's Law | Private Investigator

Casey's Law Flow Chart

A helpful chart that details the necessary steps to invoking Casey's Law
Casey's Law Flow Chart for Jefferson County