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My Name is Leeann and I am in recovery because of Casey's Law. I have two kids, one boy and one girl. My daughter and I went four years without seeing each other because of my addiction. I had over 17 bad checks written to stores that I had cashed. SC even sentenced me to prison to 383. I had lost custody of my daughter. But I didn't stop fighting. I have overdosed three times with two trips to the hospital. This last time when I checked myself into the hospital, it was because I wanted to live. My kidneys were shutting down, and I was ready for a heart attack! Thanks to Casey's Law I am here today. I was extremely mad and upset when I first found out about my court order. Little did I know I would be where I am at today. I have had more success with Casey's Law than any other treatment facility etc... I put myself in a homeless shelter for six months until I received my housing. I have enrolled myself in college and I graduate in one year. I have a 3.67 GPA!! I plan to get my real estate license by the end of February. I now go to church every Sunday. But my father is now in jail at the age of 58 and so is my brother at the age of 36 because of drugs. And if it hadn’t been for Casey's Law, I would be there too. I am so thankful for Casey's Law. I now have my own business, and my own home. I have a happy healthy two year old little boy. South Carolina agreed to let me pay my restitution with my progress and I sent my last payment in August of 2009. I also began my first visit in four years with my daughter in August 2009 because I was now warrant free for the first time. This is now my seventh month visit with my daughter. I plan to file for full custody by the end of the month. Although I am still working out the kinks in my life from my addiction, I am so thankful that I can sit here and type this today. Thank you, Mrs. Wethington. I am alive and I am not in jail which very well could have been. You have been such a blessing. So keep pressing on, it is working. I would love to help and spread the word about Casey's Law.


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